About Liye

I do not share my face or name for my privacy and safety but please feel free to contact me for professional inquiries!

I will recieve my BFA in General Fine Arts with a minor in Game Design. My specialty is character art and design!

I work both digitally and traditionally/analog! My favorite analog materials are inks of all types! I work on a Huion Kamvas Pro 16 with Clip Studio Paint Pro and sometimes Krita. My set up is quite clunky to move so when I go out I use an iPad and Procreate!


I have experience in the game design process through Unity, Plastic SCM, C#, and a bit of HTML. However my strengths lie within the creative side with things like level and narrative design, user experience, and visual arts!


I use quite a bit of brushes but my general CSP line up is:

My current Procreate faves are: